Monday, September 16, 2013

Bugeling Elk

We worked most of the morning and part of the afternoon getting ready to leave Moose, Wyoming and get back on the road again.  Then we decided that we hadn't heard the elk bugling yet so we decided to take a ride and see if we could find an elk herd.
We drove from the campground all the way to Oxbow Bend without seeing an animal. 
Ox Bow Bend

Oxbow Bend
 However, once we started back things changed. We saw Grizzly No. 399 and her triplets when we crossed the bridge by the dam on Jackson Lake. They were really moving though. By the time we parked the truck and got out to see her, they were in the trees. I didn't know bears could swim that fast!! Then as we traveled on a fox crossed the road right in front of us!

This is where the grizzley and her cubs crossed the Snake River

Looking at Jackson Lake
Then we got to the area where we saw a herd of elk in the distance, however, they were all female. They kept their heads down and it was hard to get anything but their rears in the air but we did manage a couple of good pictures.
Can you see the elk?

All rumps!

At last a head emerges from the grass!

  Grazing Elk Cows

Farther down the road though, we hit pay dirt. A couple of bull elk were bugling back and forth and finally the huge one chased the second one off. We sat watching all the action for probably 45 minutes.

Pretty Skies

The clouds look like snow on the mountain
Looks like someone is guarding his herd

More pretty clouds

A Cow and Calf

Some of this herd

He has been bugling back and forth with another elk that we haven't seen yet

 A Challenger Presents Himself

Strutting His Stuff - The Winner and Still Champion

Here is the King of the herd

The sun makes the mountains look like there is a fire!

He held his ground and awaits the next challenge!

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