Thursday, September 26, 2013

Driving from Tulare, CA to Shoshone, CA

This morning we left Sun and Fun RV Park in Tulare, CA and we can't say that we will miss the place.  We didn't notice but there is a railroad track that runs right behind the campground.  The trains run about hourly all night long and they blare their horns at the street at the campground so it is REALLY loud.  I'm not sure what they do during the day as we were out sightseeing but at night they run at least hourly until about 3 AM.  Then we again heard them at 6 AM, 6:30 AM and 7 AM so it isn't a good place to try and get any sleep!  The sites are also a little small for big rigs like ours and it is tight turning to try and get out of the park.  The front entrance is nice and wide but the rest of the roads in the campground are not.  We wouldn't stay there again. After three nights without sleep, we were really ready to find a new place for a couple of nights. 

As we drove on California State Highway 58, I took some pictures out of my window.  I started about the time we left Bakersfield after the terrain got a little more interesting.

We saw a freight train going through the Tehachapi Loop on its way up to the pass.  We saw a model of this feature on the San Diego Model Railroad Club's layout in the Balboa Park in 2010.  It is unique because the track goes through a 360 degree turn and crosses over itself.  I managed to get a picture of a train on the loop.  

Tehachapi Loop

Then I took a few more pictures as we got more and more into desert area.

Wind Farm at Tehachapi Pass

We had never seen so many windmills so close together before.  I can see how birds might get caught in this as there is no where for them to go but over the top!

Finally, I took a few when we arrived at our new campground:  Shoshone RV Park in Shoshone, California.  I don't think we have to worry about quiet here.  We are in the middle of no where.  We have no cell phone service and we have no service on the television either.  The park has Wifi, however, so at least we can communicate that way.  The park is really quite nice and so we are pleased.  Tonight about the only noise will probably be coyotes!

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