Monday, August 22, 2016

Seals at Newport Port Dock

We had some chores to do today so we didn't get out until dinner time. We drove over to Yachats and had dinner at the Drift Inn Cafe.  They have a wonderful Chef at the Drift Wood.  We had to share our meals so we could each have some.  We ordered Crab Cakes and also Chicken Pot Pie.  Both were home-made and wonderful.  They also had a couple of guys entertaining while we ate which was nice.

 Inside the Drift Inn

I'm poking around in the Gift Shop at the Drift Inn

After dinner we had to drive over to see the Sea Lions at the Port Dock of Newport.  The last time we were here, we stayed in an RV Park close to the docks.  We could hear these guys all night long,

The docks are provided by the Newport Sea Lion Docks Foundation so basically these sea lions are charity cases! lol

The Sea Lions also can take up residence on this little island.  

As we were heading back to the truck, the sun was starting to set so we stopped at Seal Rocks again just in time for the show.

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