Sunday, August 7, 2016

Madison Falls, Olympic National Park and Where the Elwha River Flows Into The Strait of Juan de Fuco

On Aug 7, we took a trip into Olympic National Park to see Madison Creek Falls. It is the shortest hike to see a falls that we've ever experienced. The day was cloudy and looked like rain but at the end of the day we were surprised by a gorgeous rainbow.

An old Monarch

Part of the path to the falls - nicely paved and very short trail.  Well worth taking a look!

Madison Falls

The area around the falls was pretty too as the falls flowed into Madison Creek. This is just upstream from where it empties into the Elwha River. This area is just a few miles within the campground where we stayed - Elwha Dam Campground.  The people at the campground were really good to us.  We had a slide problem and had to stay several extra days to get it taken care of.  They got us in touch with a mobile technician and moved people around so that we could stay the extra days that were needed.  We had to move twice too but we were lucky because the slide only stuck out four inches or so when it quit so we could move it that way.

The Elwha River

After we left that area we wandered over to where the Elwha River flows into the Strait of Juan de Fuca. It is an interesting area - it is a private beach but people seem to use it a lot - even putting up drift wood huts! We've seen a lot of beaches with a lot of drift wood but we haven't seen one with these kinds of huts build from the debris.

There was lots of wave action today!

Beautiful heavens today!

Anyone interested in getting all these gulls to fly!  There were some people who got a lot of them to move!

If you decide to visit here, a piece of advice - pay attention to where you come in to the area.  When you look back from the beach it is hard to get your bearings and know which trail to take.  It took us a couple of tries.

Someone had placed an American Flag on the beach.

On the way back to the campground, we stopped at Walmart to pick up some milk and other groceries.  When we came out this beautiful rainbow was just begging us to take a picture before it faded!

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