Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wandering Around the Southern Coast of Oregon

We started the day out with a call early in the morning that let us know that our credit card had been compromised and used in Missouri and Alabama.  So we figured out what card we wanted to use until we received a new one. This was all very interesting since when I called our credit card company to let them know that we'd be in Oregon, they told me I didn't need to call them anymore to let them know where we would be because we had the new chip in our card.  Obviously, they'll have to retract that!  Since they got us out of bed at 7 something in the morning, we decided just to get up and get some things done.

Our first stop was to Tasty Kate's in Port Orford where we ordered some hot chocolate and turnovers. You can tell you are in a very small town when sitting at a chair at the one long table in the room is an enormous black cat very comfortably snoozing near the open door.  It is in the 60's today again so I could have lived without the open door but we sat at the end of the table away from the open door and the cat (I'm allergic).  This place has been hyped as the place to have breakfast but we weren't all that impressed.  It was a cute little place but the hot chocolate was so-so and had a hint of coffee flavor which we didn't care for.  We had better bakery and many more choices of breakfasts from the Paradise Cafe in town.  

After breakfast we took a look at the cloudy sky and the mist coming down on the window and decided that sightseeing wouldn't have worked much today anyway.  We headed over to Coos Bay where they have an RV store and the only Walmart  within 104 miles!  It is a Super Center, thank goodness.  Lee bought a part he needed at the RV Store and we went over to Walmart and spent a small fortune mostly on books on CD and DVD movies.  A few weeks ago we stopped at a used book shop and picked up "Outlander" on CD and listened to it.  We loved it and I hated to see it end.  So, when I saw the first season of Outlander on two DVD's, we bought that and two more movies, etc. etc.  You know how it is if you wander around Walmart too much!  

We were heading out of Coos Bay when we spotted a Farmers' Market.  We absolutely love the fruit and veggies in the Columbia River Gorge and along the coastal towns. Anyway, we bought kettle corn, some lovely bakery items, cucumbers, tomatoes, and a Canari Melon.  There were samples of the melons and we couldn't resist trying the Canari one because it was a bright yellow on the outside. It was really sweet and just ready to eat so we'll look forward to that.  We hadn't seen these melons before.

We left Coos Bay then and ended up in Bandon where we had lunch at the Bandon Baking Company and Deli.  We both had bagel sandwiches which were delicious.  I also brought home a loaf of cranberry nut bread.  We will be getting fat this week,

These bagel sandwiches were the best I've ever had - This is one-half of mine and one-half of Lee's. The bagels were exceptionally tasty and they weren't too hard!

After we had lunch we took some time to stroll through some of the fun shops in Bandon.  We bought a few books for the grandkids in one of the nice bookstores and another book on CD that was on a close out sale.  It's a mystery and looks good.  We'll see.  Otherwise, we just browsed.  They have some lovely shops and, if I had a house, there were a lot of temptations!

 Very nice women's clothing shop

We left Bandon when the shops starting closing at 4:30 PM and headed back to Port Orford.  We stopped at the local grocery store in Bandon to pick up some milk and ended up with a few extra items including some Tillemook Huckleberry Ice Cream.  We looked for it in Montana when we were there last and couldn't find it and it is a huge favorite of ours ever since we workamped at Timber Wolf RV Resort in Hungry Horse Montana.  If you ever see that flavor, grab it.  It is a treat and they only offer it for a short time after huckleberry season is over.

Anyway, we really had a fun day even though the weather wasn't very tourist friendly.  We are glad they got some rain though even though it wasn't much because it may keep forest fires away.

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