Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bullard's Beach and The Coquille River Lighthouse

Our next stop on Aug. 25 was The Coquille River Lighthouse at Bullard's Beach. We drove through the town Bandon before getting to the Beach.

 Fish Sculpture in Bandon

We love the Oregon coast and so we've  visited this beach before but we love it because of all the enormous drift wood all over and the fact that there is still a lot of sand to take a walk on even with the driftwood. The weather and the water is really too cold to swim in unless you have a wet suit but there are always some crazy tourists who try it! They don't stay in long!

The Coquille River Lighthouse

For more information on the lighthouse,

Lee had a little trouble keeping his hat on today.  It is pretty blustery!

The wind today made a nice pattern on the sandy beach

And we think we have problems!

As we were leaving I took a picture of this bridge on the Coquille River

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