Thursday, August 18, 2016

Oregon Coast Aquarium

We visited the Oregon Coast Aquarium today. We stopped here last time we were here but decided it was too close to closing. We were here several years ago and they have expanded the place such then. 

We really enjoyed the day. I loved the tufted puffins and we had one little guy that just wanted to show off. He was so funny. We took a video of him but I think it is too long.

Walkway to the Aquarium

For more information on the Oregon Coast Aquarium, link to:

 Bay Pipefish



 Sharp-nosed Crab

 Jelly Fish

 Kenya Coral Tree

 Ship Wrecks Area

 Nice waterfall

We love the aquarium grounds as they feel like you are in the wilds while you are checking out the outdoor exhibits.

 Harbor Seals

 Sea Lion

 Tufted Puffin

He's eating a fish!

 Horned Puffin

The new glass tunnels were added since the last time we were there. There three separate tunnels. The first tunnel was Orford Reef, The second tunnel was Halibut Flats and the the third one was Open Sea. 

Now we are going to head into the Passages of the Deep where there are three


 Lee in front of the jaws of a Megalodon Shark that lived between 2 to 27 million years ago

 Sleeping Sea Otters

We went back to the puffins because the Horned Puffins were sleeping when we went through.  They were awake now.

 Horned Puffin

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