Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Hoh Rain Forest

On August 9th, we decided to try and hike the Hoh Rain Forest again. The last time we were here 15 years ago, we got started down the trail only to be stopped by one huge elk standing in the middle of the trail eating. He was not interested in moving and these two women who came across him first decided they were going to try and scare him into moving. We told them to wait until we got out of there. We just turned around and went back.

This time due to the numbers of people on the trail animals were far and few between. We had a hard time getting shots without people but we took our time and let people go ahead of us so that we could sometimes have spots to ourselves. Finally, we did have the area to ourselves and people turned around and decided not to go any further. That is more like it. We love the peace and the quiet of the area.

Wedding pictures being taken at the start of the trail

Here we are on the Hall of the Mosses

They nicely cut a walking area through this huge felled tree so we could continue on the path

Ground Squirrel

We left the trail and headed back to the truck which was near the Visitor Center.

I loved this  fragile looking fern.  I wonder if it is part of the asparagus family?

As we were driving out of the park, we took a few pictures of some of the scenic spots along the way.

The Hoh River

                                                          We are heading back home.

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