Sunday, July 24, 2016

West Side of Flathead Lake, Montana

We headed over to visit the West Side of Flathead Lake and ended up taking a boat trip out of Polson on the SW corner of the lake. It was just a gorgeous day to enjoy the lake. And, we really lucked out because there were only 12 of us on the boat.  

It was an absolutely wonderful day for it.

Our boat - the KwaTagNuk

I have never seen one of these before - the guy is flying in the air on a wave.

We sat on the deck in the back of the boat in the shade most of the trip.  It was just 
lovely and although it was really warm outside, we were very comfortable!

On the way back, we moved inside because we had no shade on the back deck

There were only a few of us on-board today which was absolutely grand but the bar had very little business!

And we are back.  It was a wonderful trip.

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