Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Walking Mall in Helena, Montana

We've had a busy day exploring today but we decided we could do a bit more walking and headed for the Walking Mall at Bullwhacker Block.  It is an interesting shopping and entertainment area in Helena.  There are a lot of sculptures in this area also.  

We didn't buy anything except some food before we left for home.  Of course, when you live in your fifth wheel, there is no room for a lot of stuff!  

The Bullwhacker on the North Walking Mall (1976)

Before the railroad came in 1883, goods that could not be locally made arrived in Helena by oxen or mule teams. Freighters experimented with camels, too, but that idea failed. If mules caught the scent of camels on the wind, they bolted every time, leaving goods spilled down the mountainsides. Bullwhackers like this one, sculpted by John B. Weaver, walked alongside the teams of oxen, cracking their whips to keep the animals moving.

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