Monday, July 25, 2016

Many Glacier, Glacier National Park

Our first stop was to the Goat Lick along Highway 2.  We stopped here three times this week and never did see the goats.  Almost every time we visited when we were in this area before there were lots of goats on these cliffs.  It looked like there was a mud slide on the hill so maybe that is why they haven't been there.  Otherwise, we were just unlucky.

After we left the Goat Lick, we drove over to Many Glacier.  The last time we were here we watched a Mama Grizzly and her twins play in the river.  We came over hoping we could enjoy that experience again. We weren't quite that lucky but we did see a black bear up on the hill side.  We knew something was up there because a Ranger was parked by the side of the road keeping track of people and their closeness to the bear.

Black-tailed Deer

There is our black bear just wandering around

The hotel at Many Glacier is under reconstruction.  I can't imagine how expensive it would be to remodel this place especially because of its size.

These were not the animals that we expected to see in the park.

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