Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Gates of the Mountains Boat Tour

Yesterday we arrived in Helena, Montana and stayed at the Lincoln Road RV Park after a beautiful drive with absolutely gorgeous scenery along the way.

Since today was my birthday, it was terrific timing for this boat cruise through the Gates of the Mountains. Today on July 19, 1805 Meriwether Lewis passed through these gates and named them. When he went though there were no dams on the Missouri River. Now traversing the river is easier because the water is 25' higher and the rapids are no longer there. Otherwise, though that group of explorers saw the same beautiful scenery that we saw today. It got into the 90's today but we took the 11 AM trip and with the breeze we were great out on the water.

                                            Our transportation on the Canyon Voyager

We are on lake formed by the dam before heading down the Missouri River

They call this the "Gates of the Mountains" tour because when Meriwether Lewis was scouting they didn't see a way through this passage until they were right on it.  Our Guide simulated how the original explorers came across the "gates".  When we first saw it, it looked like a sold wall.  Then this small opening showed and as we got closer, the space just seemed to widen.  We could see how it was named.

There is an osprey next on the top of an out
cropping - you can't tell but it is huge

And we are heading back to shore.  It was a delightful trip.

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