Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Hershey RV Show

Today we set out early to attend the Hershey RV Show which is the largest RV Show in America.  It certainly lives up to the hype.  There were countless RVs on display including park models (RVs intended to sit semi-permanently in an RV park) and everything mobile from pop-up campers to million-dollar motor homes. 

They told us we could not possibly do this show justice in one day but one day is all we allocated and I think we managed to get around to see everything we wanted to.  We'll grant that there would be no way to step into every RV on the place in one day.  We kept our goal as visiting all the RV's that were at least 36' feet in length with slides.  We trekked in and out of several park models and countless fifth wheel trailers and class A motor homes (the ones with the flat fronts that look like buses).  We managed to see most of those and my knees were proof of that when we were done - that is a lot of stepping in and out. 

RV Accessories and Supplies Were in the Arena Downstairs and Elsewhere on the Property

We ate lunch at one of the little kiosks with food and then sat in the arena to eat it.  We had a good view of the accessories area below so I took a picture of it.  We found some home-made soup and a salad and for that I was very grateful.  I thought we would certainly be in a hot dog or hamburger diet today!  The soup was pretty darn good too.

This RV is one that was custom painted for a mere $20,000!
They had Park Models on exhibit too

Who knows when we finish traveling everywhere, we may settle down in one of these in the winter!

Inside of a Motor Home

Lots of buttons on this Motor Home
Lee heading down a line of fifth wheels

That green thing is a generator providing electricity to a couple rows of RV's

Miles and Miles of RVs

Motor Homes are Nice but I still think Fifth Wheels are More Homey

Gary Bunzer gave a seminar on the 12 Volt Electric System
We attended Gary Bunzer's seminar on the 12 Volt Electric System.  I hope Lee got more out of it than I did.  I had no idea what he was talking about for most of the talk.  Lee keeps up with Gary Bunzer on his RV Doctor column in Chuck Woodbury's weekly RV Newsletter.

We wanted to see what DRV would have at the show since they make the Mobile Suites.  At the DRV Luxury Suites display, we ran into Dan Tauer, the VP for sales at DRV who we've come to know by attending numerous Suites Owners rallies. We had a nice chat about what's new at DRV while touring a new Tradition, their first model that doesn't actually carry a 'Suites' designation. It is the new entry-level model for the line replacing the Select Suites.  We really had to hunt to find the DRV area.  They were clear at the far end of all the RV's.   It was good to see Dan again.  I hope their sales aren't affected because they were so far in the back.  I don't think most people would not walk that far unless they were specifically looking for one of the vendors in that area.  I should have taken some pictures of the DRV's but somehow I was pictured out by the time we found them.  The DRV's are still our favorites!

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