Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hector Falls outside of Ithaca, NY

We weren't done finding waterfalls today. Our next stop was Hector Falls. Hector Falls is just north of Watkins Glen and right along the roadside. There was no hiking needed to view this falls. Hector Falls is 165' high although it is in two drops.  The first drop is visible from the bridge and is about 50 feet high. You can climb down to the base of the falls on the east side of the bridge. The other drop is on the west side of the bridge and is on private property and we didn't attempt to climb down because we would have had to leave our truck on the road and the traffic is pretty heavy on this road. The second drop has the watering falling into the lake along the road.

Hector Falls

First Drop of Hector Falls - 50' High

Part Of The Second Drop Of Hector Falls

The Falls End Up In This Lake

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