Monday, September 10, 2012


This morning we headed over to see Fallingwater, one of Frank Lloyd Wright's most famous homes.  We had visited a modest Wright home in Ohio so we decided to see one on the other end of the spectrum.  We had made a reservation for a tour of the house over the internet as it seems like in the summer you might not get in if you just arrive without tickets. 

Entry to the Park
Entry to the Home

Walking toward Registration
We registered at the counter and found that we could take the next tour but we decided to have some lunch first in one of their two cafes.  It turned out to be a really good idea because the tour we could have taken was pretty full and we ended up in one that had only five people in it.  It was easier getting into the rooms at the home and it was easier to hear our guide.  

The Museum Shop

Chicken Salad

Acorn squash, apple and brie pannini
We couldn't decide what we wanted so we decided to order two different meals and share them.  Their food was pretty good but not spectacular, however, the setting was really nice.  

Path down to the house
They called our group and we walked down the path to the house where we would meet our guide.  They told us it was about a five minute walk and that was about right.

More of the path

Our first look at the home

The rest of our group and our guide

Our guide giving some preliminary information

Stairway from the living room down into 
the creek and a deep plunge pool
This stairway was pretty interesting.  The living room has a large glass box that surrounds the steps and then slides in when they want to use the stairs to the creek.  There is a plunge area where the water is deep enough to swim in.  Behind the steps, the water becomes the falls that drop over the cliff.


Windows in the home

This is the top level and the Guest House

Roof over the path to the Guest House

Heading down from the Guest House

As you go around the corner you enter the main home
There are tons of steps in this home so you would get your exercise living here!

Heading up to the Guest House

Looking down from the Guest House

Front of the Guest House

Pool at the Guest House
This is the swimming pool for the guests.  It looks like it needs cleaning but our guide said it was almost always green because the algae sticks to the sides of the pool.  When they clean it, it looks green within a week.  They say the water is fine to swim in and the water isn't green, just the sides and bottom of the pool are but I don't think I would like swimming in it.  Apparently, they did though.
Only room you can photograph  - room is used to sell memberships and for other sales activities
This is a room behind the garages.  They added the glass behind the carports for the family vehicles.  Frank Lloyd Wright did not like garages so they didn't have one of those.  He thought they just caused a bunch of clutter to accumulate.  This room is now used mainly to talk guests into donating to the upkeep of the house.  It is furnished in the same style that Frank Lloyd Wright used in the rest of the house except I like the colors here better.  

Four places to park vehicles - the glass behind 
is new and part of the above room.


Our Guide hanging over the balcony to see the falls

Path to the Main House From the Guest House

Small Fountain at the Main Home

Lower Level Balcony off Living Room - 
Upper off master bedroom

Balcony off the Son's Bedroom

Views of the home from the View Point

Frank Lloyd Wright is definitely an artistic architect but, frankly, I like convenience, practicality and comfort in my homes.  I would want a garage, a nice functional kitchen with counter space, comfortable furniture that I can move around, less steps, screens on the windows (especially if you are living in the woods), air conditioning, carpet instead of rock floors, and much larger bedrooms and beds!  What I really don't like about his homes is that they are really dark especially in the hallways.  He believed that you want to spend less time in the hall and then feel like the room you enter is opening up to you.  He did that by keeping the hallways dark,  lowering bedroom ceilings and having large windows in the bedrooms.  But the lowered ceiling gives me a feeling of being cooped up.  I do love all the balconies on this house but I'm afraid I wouldn't want to live over the creek.  If I were the couple that was building this house, I would have wanted to be across from the waterfall and have a balcony facing it so I could enjoy that sight every day.  However, the house is very impressive looking as you can see.

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