Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kershaw Park on Canandaigua Lake

It was such a beautiful day today that we decided not to go home just yet.  We drove over to Canandaigua, NY and stopped at Kershaw Park just to walk around and enjoy the lake. 

This swing is occupied but we figured how long will he sit there
As we walked along the lake, we came across two swings like the one above.  One had a couple of young lovers in it and we figured, they were there for the afternoon.  She was lounging on his lap.  So as we walked along we found the swing above occupied by this guy.  We just managed to hang around long enough to make him uncomfortable and we took his seat!

Hah, We got the swing!

We decided those young lovers had the right idea!
By the way, our first official Selfie!
Lee took this picture.  There is no love like a tried and true love!!
Paddlewheel on the lake

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