Friday, July 31, 2015

Snake River Falls

If you ever decide to take a trip to Snake River Falls, stop at the Tourist Office in Valentine and get directions first.  We didn't and so we drove past it on Highway 97 south of Valentine.  We turned around because we figured surely something that is advertised in their tourist brochure would have a sign.  However, we were wrong.  We passed it again.  Our new GPS didn't have it listed as an attraction but after passing by it again, I pulled out our old GPS  It had it listed and we found the turn easily.  

The problem is that the waterfall is on private land so the state removed the sign to it and the owners of the land haven't seen fit to put up a sign.  They do, however, collect a $1 fee per person to walk through their yard to see it.  They don't do much to maintain a nice path to it either.  However, you don't have to traverse the rough heavily rutted terrain to see the falls.  We just stayed on the ridge overlooking the falls because walking all the way down to the falls looked like an accident waiting to happen!

The waterfall was well worth all the confusion, however, so if you are in the area on Highway 97 leaving Valentine, turn right on the gravel driveway next to a large stock tank!

Snake River Falls is immediately to the north of Merritt Reservoir.  It is the largest waterfall when measured by volume in the state of Nebraska.

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