Monday, July 27, 2015

Milwaukee Wiener House and Chief War Eagle Memorial

We had lunch today at a Weiner House that has been in existence since 1918. We thought they must have spectacular hot dogs. Not so, nothing even different than what you would buy at the grocery store. So, a little disappointed there.

Then we went to see Chief War Eagle's Monument which is on Grove St. and War Eagle Drive. It overlooks the interstate. Great view from there. His claim to fame was that he was a friend to the white man and a promoter of peace.

This monument was for the first white settler in the area. He married two of the Chief's daughters.

Path up to the monument to Chief War Eagle

War Eagle was a Santee who later became chief of the Yankton Sioux tribe. But his principal claim to fame among non-Natives was that he was "Friend of White Man." That is the lone epitaph written on the bronze plaque under his 13-foot-tall likeness atop a high bluff near the confluence of the Big Sioux and Missouri Rivers.

It is a modern sculpture as you can see

He is smoking a Peace Pipe

This is the area beneath the War Eagle Monument. He can see the river from where he is.

For more information on Chief War Eagle, click this link:

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