Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center in Jackson

We worked today and had our Grand Teton Association (GTA) orientation. They served some yummy rolls and breakfast items in the morning and we had pizza delivered from Dornan's Pizza. The pizza was excellent. We have found our pizza place here! We learned a lot about the GTA and its functions today as well as getting a bear spray demonstration. We actually got to use a spray can so we could really see how it worked.

We signed a contract to work with the GTA until September 20th so we'll be in this area until then but there is a lot to do and we expect to be busy the whole time.  We volunteer three days a week and it is REALLY volunteering because the people who get paid for working five days a week pay $12.08 a day for their full hook-up site.  They also get $12 or more per hour depending on many years they've worked for them seasonally.  However, if you weren't working here, the price for housing is astronomical so we are happy.  This is where we wanted to spend the summer!

After work we headed over to the Visitor Center in Jackson which is also called the Jackson Hole and Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center.  We normally called it the NER for National Elk Refuge as the Visitor Center is on the Elk Refuge or right in front of it. We bought some books for the grandkids using our GTA discount and we also bought a new bird book for us. Mary purchased a long sleeve t-shirt too. Our discount is pretty good!

Bronze Sculpture Outside the VC


Grey Wolf

Antler Chandelier

Grizzly Paw Print

Elk Refuge Behind the VC

Across the Street From VC
After shopping there, we went wandering through some shops in Jackson but we didn't buy anything. We just nosed around. We also stopped for groceries on the way back to the campground.

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