Sunday, May 5, 2013

Des Moines Science Center

We attended church today at Danica's church - Woodland Hills Church of Christ in Pleasant Hill. After church we all drove to the Des Moines Science Center where we met up with our son, Greg, Angel and Jordon. Jordon is growing like a weed. He is as tall as I am already.

Tommy is impressed with the dinosaur

Jordon checking out an exhibit

Me and my grandson, Jordon.

Angel, Jordon and Greg

Watching a pendulum move back and forth

Tommy making himself invisible on the weather screen

Lunch Time

We're ready for the fireworks Demonstration

Greg and Angel

We had a good time playing with all the exhibits in the Science Station. Chance helped Tommy make a rocket and it really went. It got stuck in the netting at the top and it took a bit to get it out. Jordon's didn't work very well the first time but he did some tweaking to the design and it worked better the second time.

Chance and Tommy making a rocket and Jordon is deciding whether to try it himself!

Tommy with his rocket

Tommy shooting off his rocket

We watched an interesting fireworks demonstration. Every time the demonstrator lit a candle Addi was ready to sing Happy Birthday! He produced some pretty good booms and little explosions which intrigued the kids.

Addi, Danica and Tommy

We were really glad that Angel and Greg had Jordon for the weekend because otherwise we wouldn't have seen him this summer. We don't have as much time this year to spend in Iowa since we have to be at our volunteer job in Wyoming on May 23rd.

Jordon gives his rocket a shot

Lee, Danica and Chance

Chance getting friendly with the dino!

Addisyn playing with the puppets

I had put some Hawaiian Chicken the the crock pot before we left this morning so that we could have it for supper. However, it cooked way too long and was a bust. We threw it out and headed for Wendy's for dinner. Then we stopped at Dairy Queen for a sweet treat before heading home.

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