Friday, May 24, 2013

Driving Tour of Grand Teton National Park

We got up really early this morning and moved to a new site. This one is on pavement and we like to get pavement when we can because it cuts down on getting ants or other bugs in the camper when we are parked for a long period of time. It sounded like a great idea until we tried to maneuver into the space. The park has been putting in new sites in the park workers' area but whoever designed these spaces has never driven an RV. The sites are not on a slant but are straight in and they have parking on both sides of where the camper is to park. That wouldn't be too bad except it make a sort of a t-shaped site with parking blocks on both sides. We ended up going around and trying to get in from the other direction. It was a bit easier but I think some of the designers of these things should just try to maneuver into one of their designs!

After we managed to get set up again, we were happy we did because we are closer to the road and we get a bit of cell phone coverage where we are. The sites farther in have to walk up front to talk to anyone.  We need to sit next to the dining room window and sit still to get it, but at the other site, there was no coverage at all.  I guess this is one of the things you might expect when you move into a wilderness area!

We decided we should see some of the park today so we first stopped at the Craig Thomas Discovery and Visitor's Center in Moose. 

View from the parking lot!

The Craig Thomas Discovery Visitor Center (DVC)

We are greeted by Mr. Moose

Lee heading into the DVC
We got the park map and decided to drive the park road to Jenny Lake but, of course, we had to stop at pull-outs along the way.  This one was a view of the Teton Glacier.

Looking up at the Teton Glacier

Lee checking out the information signs at Teton Glacier

Closeup of the Teton Glacier

Our next stop was the Jenny Lake Visitor Center.  It was on the list to be closed this season because of Sequestration, however, the Grand Teton Association (the group we are going to be volunteering for) donated the funds to the National Park to keep it open.  It isn't open yet but will be in June.

This is the oldest Visitor Center in the Park

After we walked around the Jenny Lake VC area, we drove the Jenny Lake Loop and stopped at a lake overlook for pictures (spectacular!).

Jenny Lake

A trail we may take one of these days!

Then we drove up to Signal Mountain and ate dinner at the Signal Mountain Lodge. 

Signal Mountain Lodge
Views from the Lodge

Sunset at the Lodge
We drove all the way back into Jackson because we missed the sign pointing out the Gros Ventre Junction turn. However, we ended up safe and sound. There is a gorgeous full moon tonight!

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