Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jackson Wyoming Old West Days

Our neighbors, Lynn and Mike, across the street from us in Gros Ventre Campground invited us to join them in going to Jackson for the Jackson Old West Days and the Mountain Man Rendezvous & Trade Show. They drove, of course, since no one except a small child fits well in the back seat of our truck.

We headed first to the Mountain Man Rendezvous which is held in the Teton County Fairgrounds in Jackson. It was pretty interesting to see all the items that were for sale - animal pelts, Native American bead work, clothing and tools and lots of old pioneer items. There wasn't anything that really interested us in the way of buying but it was fun to browse.

Lynn and Mike

Bow and Arrow Training

Lynn checking out animal pelts

This guy wouldn't let you take his picture except if you paid him.  I did.

After we left the Rendezvous, we headed to the City Square in Jackson where the Old West Days Festival was being held. We purchased lunch from one of the vendors in the park and ate it sitting under one of the Antler Arches that frame the park. We wandered around the area awhile and then decided to visit some of the downtown shops. They have some wonderful stores in downtown Jackson. Needless to say, there is nothing much we want to purchase because unless it is small, it won't fit in the fifth wheel. Plus, Lee's constant mantra is that if I bring something in, I have to take something out. It doesn't mean that I listen, of course, but since we did just have to replace the shocks and suspension of the fifth wheel he has a point!

Stage Coach Rides are Available Downtown

There are antler arches at all entries to the park

Eating lunch from one of the fair vendors!

I loved this little girl's outfit!

"Colossus" by Terry Lee

"Ever the Twain Shall Meet" by Gary Price

Lee talking to President Lincoln

Lee and Mary (that's us!)

We started visiting some of the shops.  This was a wonderful gem shop.

I'd like for my dining room table someday but I'd have to win a BIG lottery!

Love'd this t-shirt!

The only way to get your picture with a grizzly!

That's me with the fellow with a big rack!

Mary, Mike and Lynn taking a rest

Even the dogs carry weapons here!

Entertainment downtown on the square.

Talk about traffic!

Gotta love the scenery!

Lee's new hat that he purchased today!

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