Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Moose in the Gros Ventre River

We worked today and on the way home, we saw a crowd gathered near the Gros Ventre (pronounced Grow Vant) River which is on our way home. We pulled over and parked because we knew that meant our moose friends were out. There are three bull moose that have been hanging around that area between 4 and 6 PM when we go home. One of them looks like he just got cut loose by his Mama. He is sort of a sad-looking thing with some short stubby portions of what will be his rack sticking out the side of his head. The other two moose are older and have nice racks. We are in moose heaven here as we see them all the time in various places. 

The crowd on the ridge above the river

Everybody wants the perfect picture of these moose

That's our truck - the big white one!

Dinner Time!

See, he's kind of a scrawny little thing!

He is just starting a rack!

When we arrived home Lee set to work getting our satellite internet going. Our new modem arrived at the GTA (Grand Teton Association) Warehouse today. Hip Hip Hurray! He finally got the satellite modem to work. What a challenge it has been up to this point. We have very limited cell phone service at the campground. If I sit at our dining room table, I get 1 bar and if I don't move much I can usually carry on a conversation for awhile. However, many times we just lose people or the phone just keeps cutting out. So, it has been very important to have internet services. Unfortunately, our Hughes Net service has not been working since we got here. We purchased a new modem and we still couldn't communicate with it so Lee sent it back and got another one. This one works and it is time for a celebration. We can communicate again!

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