Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hike to Swan Lake and Heron Pond

We drove over to Colter Bay today to hike the Lake Shore Trail Loop. The trail head starts in Colter Bay. It was a gorgeous day and the hike was pretty level and so even though we hiked three miles, it didn't really seem like it. We loved the walk along Jackson Lake with all the views of the Tetons.

It was also fun to hike by Swan Lake. I think if we would have waited a week, it would have been even more stunning because the lake is full of water lilies and they were just beginning to bud. 

Ready to start the hike

The trail starts out pretty wide

Jackson Lake

Swan Lake Lily Pads

Now the trail looks like a trail

Can you find the Canadian Geese?

Okay, lots of this stuff on the trail - Horses we suspect!


Heron Lake

Red Squirrel

A line of geese

A bever house

Wild Flowers

AHA, It is a horse trail!

And they are gone!

Jackson Lake
Cool, clear water

We had a picnic lunch before we started the hike. Then we stopped at my favorite treat place, the Dairy Queen in Jackson. We normally just have DQ when we are there but tonight we had a couple of Swiss Mushroom burgers for dinner.

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