Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Visiting the Ropa Usadas

Since we've told Danica about the flea markets and the Ropa Usadas, she wanted to experience them for herself.  We went first over to Mission to the Pulga Flea Market.  They sell everything you can imagine at these flea markets down here and most of the vendors will negotiate pricing although it is really low to begin with.  The flea markets are really about like any flea markets across the country.
Pulga Flea Market in Mission




Eating Lunch at Pizza Hut in Mission

5 Dimensions Ropa Usada
The Ropa Usadas are, however, a one of a kind place to shop for clothes.  The first time I went I was in shock.  Outside of these enormous buildings are pallets of bundled clothes.  The workers bring the clothes in on fork lifts and push the clothes that have been sitting there awhile to the side and dump a new bundle in the middle.  Then they break the ties on the clothes and they spill out.  Immediately, the Mexican people who have been sitting along the sides of the store, come running to see what is in the new pile.  They all sift through the stuff and take what they want to a pile that they have next to the wall somewhere.  You don't want to touch their piles. 

Danica decided to dig in and started rummaging around in the piles at the sides but she was soon at the top of the piles sorting and sifting through the clothes.  These clothes come from everywhere and you can really find bargains if you are willing to hunt and sort.  I'm not that interested and not that patient.  I like my clothes sorted and hanging up and, to tell the truth, there are many second hand shops in the valley that do that very thing.  Some of the people on the sidelines with their piles drag out the name brand stuff and take it back and resell it.  Of course, you can buy it by the pound here and it will cost you more once they sort through it. 

Danica did end up finding quite a few bargains and I don't think she spent $10. 

Atop the Mountain

The kids had a ball.  They were jumping and climbing and rolling in the clothes but no one seemed to give it a thought.  I got somewhat concerned when they didn't pay attention to a fork lift that was coming their way but we managed to dodge disaster!

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