Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Arrived at Winter Ranch in Alamo, Texas

We arrived at Winter Ranch in Alamo, Texas today and will be staying for five months. We moved into our new lot, No. 501. I was worried that Lee might have a problem pulling onto our site because we have this awning that comes out from our storage shed and when we finished parking, we were within 6" or less from it. However, he did a fantastic job and just stuck close to the other side of the driveway. I wanted to close my eyes when I pulled out the door slide but it was perfection so all is good.

We spent the day moving stuff back and forth between the camper and the shed. We want to sell the washer and dryer that is in the shed and buy a refrigerator so we'll be watching to see if anyone sells one around the park. Hopefully, we can sell the washer/dryer soon so we'll have some room.

It feels good to be home because that is what it feels like among the people in the park. I heard one woman say that they used to be in Assisted Living and they hated it. They just pulled out and came down here. She says it is better than any Assisted Living facility and if they need help they have it here.

We won't be adding as many entries in this Trip Blog since we will be staying here for five months.  We are kept pretty busy here at Winter Ranch with all the activites and such.  If you want to see what we are up to, you can check out the Winter Ranch Activities Blog at Winter Ranch Activities Blog.  We are the Blog Coordinators for the park.  We will post any of our activities that we do that are outside of Winter Ranch.

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