Saturday, April 23, 2016

San Marcos Historic District

After we left the Hydro-Electric plant, we headed over to San Marcos.  We had lunch at the Cracker Barrel in town and picked up another book to read.  

Then we drove over to the Historic District to check out some of the historic homes.  We took a few pictures of some of them from the truck windows. Some were pretty hard to get because they were surrounded by huge trees.

This beauty with multiple fountains in the yard is for sale.  Anyone interested?  My tastes have so changed over the years.  In my 30's I would have loved it. Now, however, I just see it as a horrendous amount of work.  Of course, I suppose if money were no object, then maybe!!

It is hard to see the house for the lawn!

Tomorrow we are going to head back to San Marcos as we found another couple of interesting places to check out.  Hope the weather holds out.  It has been beautiful!

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