Friday, April 22, 2016

Arrived at Potter's Creek Campground

We headed out this morning for Potter's Creek Campground.  We hoped that we could get in as it is one of our favorite landing points on the way to and from Winter Ranch.  The campground suffered some severe storm damage so a lot of the campsites are closed waiting to be repaired.  We arrived about 2 PM in the afternoon and managed to get the last site available.

It wasn't the easiest site for our large truck to get backed into but Lee managed it.  Lee got everything hooked up outside while I put things back in place inside.   We aren't as close to the water as we like but all the sites are pretty nice.  After we got settled, we took a walk around the area that is open..  We had seen Egyptian Geese and Scissor-tailed Flycatchers when we were here before so we wondered if they were still around,  We managed to get a picture of an Egyptian Goose and her gosling and we saw a couple of scissor-tails flying around.  Maybe we can get their picture next time.  They were vey camera shy.

After our walk, we decided to go to our favorite Italian Restaurant "The Italian Grill" in Canyon City. They make the best Chicken Marsala so we both had it.  I've been back on Weight Watchers and that dinner took all my extra points for the week!  Boy, was it worth it though!!  Yum.

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