Saturday, April 23, 2016

Canyon Lake Dam

We've stayed several times at Potter's Creek and we are still finding places we haven't visited in the area. Today we headed over to visit the Canyon Lake Dam. The dam is located 36 miles NE of San Antonio and 36 miles SW of Austin, Texas in Hill Country.  The dam was put up to protect the area from the ravages of flooding from the Guadalupe River.  The dam was completed in 1964.  

Looking at Canyon Lake

There wasn't any parking near where the access to the walkway across the dam was so we went on a little further and had a nice view of Canyon Lake from above the dam.

We decided to follow the trail back to the dam walkway although we weren't sure that is where we would end up.  We haven't had much exercise all winter so it is time to get ourselves back into shape. There will yellow flowers in bloom everywhere and it made for a pretty walk.

As we walked farther we ended up in the woods.

We had to do some back tracking and actually went back and got the truck.  Then we drove it down to the walkway.  We were getting lost because trails kept crossing other trails and we couldn't really tell where we were heading.

We parked across from Overlook Park which overlooks the dam walkway.

The dam is 6,830 feet long across a narrow section of the Guadalupe River Valley.  The top of the dam is 224 feet above the riverbed.

  Looking down the other side

 Some swimmers on the shore below us

Some Scuba Divers Too 

Lots of Sail Boats Enjoying the Day - it was perfect for them!  

A spillway, located south of the dam, protects the dam by releasing water when the lake level rises to 943 feet above sea level.

Canyon Lake

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