Thursday, May 28, 2015

Addi's Preschool Graduation

Today is a busy day for the kids.  Addi's pre-school graduation and Tommy's Reading Celebration are both today.  We drove with Danica over to Addi's pre-school graduation from Western Hills Tiger Cubs which was first.  Her teacher had done a great job of being ready for the event.  The seating was arranged by their first names so Addisyn was second to go forward.

 Here they go toward the stage

Addi's teacher announced each child and told us what the children had decided they would be when they grew up.  The boy in front of Addi said he was going to be a meteorologist or a biologist and something else up there in the "ologist" area.  I wondered if all the kids in preschool had such ambitions.  Addi was next and she said she wanted to be Rapunzel!  We loved it!  It sounded like a much more normal preschool goal!  She also said that her favorite part of preschool was snack time and that she couldn't wait to to have lunch in kindergarten.   

Addi's teacher was an emotional wreck and cried several times during the ceremony.  Addi got emotional later on too.  She didn't want to graduate and leave her friends!

After all the kids had their diplomas, the teacher showed a slide show that she had put together of the children.  It was great!  I took a few pictures of some of the slides that Addi was in.

Afterwards, there was cookies, however, we had to hurry to get to Tommy's Reading Celebration.  Danica told the teacher to keep him at the end because she thought we might be able to make it.

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