Thursday, April 23, 2015

Truck to Freightliner

Today we had to leave our fifth wheel at Winter Ranch and head to the Freight Liner Shop in Corpus Christi.  We had major problems yesterday with the truck.  It wouldn't shift into neutral at an intersection and it wouldn't manually shift either.  We called Freight Liner in McAllen and they said we could bring it in and they would check it out but they couldn't fix it.  When he asked them where we could take it, they didn't know.  You have to wonder about Freight Liner.  They sell these enormously expensive trucks but when you try to get them fixed, you have to first figure out where the devil to take the truck!

Anyway today we headed out to Corpus Christi to take the truck in there because they can work on problems with transmissions, etc.  Lee tried to make sure he took the road where we didn't have to stop because stopping is a real problem.  He did well until we got to the Dairy Queen in Riviera, Texas.  He pulled straight into a parking place because he forgot we would have a problem backing up.   You have to wonder about an owner who leaves their Christmas tree up this long.  It was still sitting in the front windows of the place.  Lee managed to get the truck out of the lot and drove the rest of the way to Corpus Christi. 

We then rented a car at Enterprise and got a room at Captain's Quarters in Port Aransas.  We decided that we'd stay in Port Aransas because the Sand Festival will be starting this weekend and we've really wanted to go to it for years. 

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