Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sand Fest In Port Aransas After the Judging

Well, today the weather's better. We took a shuttle to the beach and began our tour of the finished products. The judging had also been completed and the results posted. This is a competitive event, the pros competing with other pros and the amateurs competing with each other. That's only fair, right?

There also came news of some over-night vandalism of some of the sculptures. The most affected were in the amateur category but everyone was disappointed that it happened at all. Anyway, here are some completed sculptures and some of the winners.

"On the Road Again" by Brian Wiggleworth won 2nd Place in the Masters Solo category

The back of Willie

"Blown Away" by Damon Langlois won 3rd Place in the Masters Solo Category


"Night and Day" - This obviously was the "Day" side

Still didn't get the title of this one

"New Arrival" by Carl Jara won 1st Place in the Solo Category

And here's a close-up of the "New Arrival"

"Making Tracks" was an odd combination of a sand castle and monster trucks

"Cosmic Dance" by Abe Waterman and Morgan Rudluff won 1st Place in the Masters Duo Category

A close-up of the figures

Believe it or not, this one's titled "Did You See The Dragon?"

And there he is sleeping in one of those little caves

Bed Time Story" by Wilfred Stiger and Edith Van De Wetering won 2nd Place in the Master's Duo Category

"Cosmic Carousel" by Lucinea Wierenga and Emerson Schreiner won 3rd Place in the Master's Duo Category

Another side of the carousel

EZ-GO golf carts is one of the sponsors of the event and they presented this sculpture (non-competing)

"Up To My Neck"

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