Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sand Fest in Port Aransas, Texas

There's nothing we enjoy more than a good sand fest (or any festival on the beach for that matter). Lots of sand sculptors, professionals and amateurs alike, gathering to show off their art. There has been an annual sand sculpting event in Port Aransas since 1997 but this is the first we've been able to attend because it's typically held so late in the year (end of April) and we've already headed north! This year''s event enabled the organizers to return more than $100,000 to the community in the form of cold hard cash (checks actually)! 

A shuttle bus carried SandFest attendees to the beach from a large parking area 

Mary in front of the entry sculpture

Some of the crowd

A great likeness of Willie Nelson - in progress

Very intricate!

Not sure where this is headed

Sculptures start as blocks of sand

Now that's a sand castle!

Dancing maybe?

A village of ??

Hard at work

It rained on and off during the day so the beach was 
pretty sloppy

This one's emerging from a barrel of sand

A pretty big foot!

Another sand castle

Some still came to swim despite the dreary skies

Lots of birds as usual

Mermaids sunning themselves

Checking out some of the vendors' wares

Still working on Willie

This is an interesting project. Can't wait to see it completed


This one's being sculpted by a team

One of the talented amateurs hard at work

Getting a different perspective

Even the amateurs are very creative

That's one huge pile of sand!

SandFest 2015 Sponsors etched in sand


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