Saturday, January 31, 2015

South Padre Kite Festival

We were really happy to hear that the South Padre Kite Festival had been reinstated.  We missed it last season.  It is really quite popular so we couldn't believe they would just let the festival die.  

Our bus took a bunch of Winter Ranchers to the festival.  We drove down separately today as we had plans for this evening but we ran into a bunch of Winter Ranchers while we were there. Some who came on the bus and others who also drove over.

A group from Winter Ranch

We ran into this group of Winter Ranchers as we were looking for a place to sit and watch the kite flying.  Most of them are from Iowa.

It was a bit nippy today and got windier as the day progressed.

Then we ran into Sandy and Chuck

Two Triple Flyers

Wilbur and Mike


Pat and Chuck

Then we ran into Pat and Chuck.  We liked the view they had of the kite flying so we parked right next to them.

Single Quad

Lots of Novelty Kites in the Sky Today

 End of Line Team

The End of the Line Team came out to give us a demonstration on how they orchestrate their team flying.  It is remarkable to watch!

Four Sports - Team Flying

Pat and Chuck

Single Sport Kite

Large turning wheel

Don and Sylvia and Linda and RW 


Single Sport Kite

God Bless the USA

We stayed until most people had left and it was getting pretty nippy.  We headed straight home because we were heading out to check out a band tonight with several other Winter Ranchers.  

We went over to Country Sunshine RV Park in Weslaco to check out Dixon and Company.  The band had been recommended by several people.  None of us were very impressed with them.  The whole first segment of the dance, they played the same beat and didn't really change much all night.  It was pretty clear that they wouldn't work for the dancers at Winter Ranch.  We've been visiting several parks and their bands and we have found one band that we are going to try to book.  We have enough good rock and roll bands now but we need a couple new country bands. 

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