Sunday, February 8, 2015

Winter Ranch Mystery Dinner Theater

What a fun way to spend an evening - we had a terrific dinner and then spent the evening trying to solve a murder at the Mouldering Pines Inn!

The Menu for the Evening:

Garden Salad
Chicken a la Creme
on a bed of rice
Green Beans Almondine
Roll and Butter
Rainbow Sherbet

The Stage is set

The Tales are arranged for dinner

 Donna Campbell is doing the background music for the play

 Everyone is starting to Gather

 The actors are starting to delivery the food - Marlene and Jan

 Marcia is playing Fox Smolder  

 Jan and Jerry on stage as the Lodges

 Penny is playing Madam Zelda Von Schpookum  

 Jerry and Marlene playing Janet From Another Planet

 Marcia and Dianna and Dana Scullery
 John as Professor Lionel Specter

Betty as Olivia

 The Final Curtain

The Director, Carole, with her flowers from the cast

And, Who Dun It??   
We are sworn to secrecy!! 

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