Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hippie Theme Party at Winter Ranch

Last year Lee and I came up with the idea of putting on a Theme Party at Winter Ranch.  Last year we did a Trailer Trash Theme.  It went over well so this year we decided to try the "Hippie" Theme.  We had over 200 residents join in the fun so we'd call it a real success!

Lee and I at the Photo Op Booth in the Large Hall at Winter Ranch

We put together a team of workers to help us decorate and keep the party going.  Bob and Linda Campbell, Bill and Jean Snyder, and Leon and Lois Green  helped us out.

 Donna and Richard and Charles and Jane

 Brenda and Josie

 Jim and Dianna

 Duane and Carol

 Rich and Donna

 John and Martha


Bill and Jean

 Kathy and Bob

 Rauch, Handlos and Flowers

 Leon and Lois

 Betty and Rex

 The Finalists in the Men's Costume Competition

Gene wins the prize for the "The most Righteous Dude’s Award." 

 The Finalists for the Women's competition were:  Carol, Dianna and Nichole and Dianna won the award for "The Most Hip Chick"

 The Finalists in the Couple's Costume Competition:  Ritchies, Heckers and Palmers

Betty and Jerry won the "Most Wildly 
Wicked Costumed Couple"

 We had a crowd of over 200 for the party!

 On to the Appetizer Table.

 Carol and Mike provided music for the party.

 Who let the "squares" in??

More of the partiers!

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