Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Ugly Sweater Contest at the Winter Ranch Roundup

Today Carlos Canas entertained us at our Roundup. He really has a gorgeous voice and we all enjoy him! It was his birthday today and we celebrated it at the end of the party.  

Carlos Cantas

It was also a day of merriment because we had an Ugly Sweater (t-shirt, shirt, whatever) Contest going on. There were certainly a lot of people decked out in all shades of red and green. Lots of sweaters and t-shirts but some were much uglier than others!

 Don and Linda and Pam and Butch

 Brenda and Beth

That's Us - We had to take a trip to Walmart to find these lovely t-shirts.  I added a bunch of stuff to mine to really make it ugly but it still wasn't ugly enough to win!

 Carol and Marlene

 Rita and Josie

 Sharon and Dan

 Della and Marv

 Me and Rita - we both bought the same ugly shirt 
and decorated them differently!

 The Ritchies

 Judy, Jennifer and Betty

 Bob and Kathy

 The Party Group

 Dancing to Carlos' music

 The Women Contestants for the Ugly Sweater (T-Shirt) Contest

 A representative from the Chamber and the 
Mayor of Alamo were the Judges

 Martie won the Contest

 Check out the back of the outfit!

 The Men Contestants

 Sam won the contest.  It may be the Boots!

 Marlene singing "Santa Baby"

 Time for Cake!

 Line Dancing

 Lee got the lights working on the Golf Cart!

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