Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Party

We had our annual Christmas Party today.  It is almost Christmas and today we had our Christmas Party at Winter Ranch.  It started at 1 PM.  First, the 2015/2016 Activity Directors, Mary and Lee Benfield (that be us), presented the outgoing Activity Directors, JD and Lynn Murray, a little Christmas gift which we insisted that they wear for the party today.  Don't you love their new hats!  And, they light up!

Lynn and JD

 Penny Vollrath

Then we started with the real entertainment for the day.  First, Penny Vollrath did a tap dance routine for us.

 Some of the crowd at the party.

Then Bud and Pat Becker played and sang for us.
 Pat and Bud Becker

Karen Timko then sang "I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day."

Then Santa showed up and pronounced our dancing Winter Ranch girls all "naughty."  They danced to "I Ain't Getting Nuttin for Christmas."  

Judy Teply, Virginia Baughman, Della Rae Orndorff,  Patti Becker, Nichole Kenward, Penny Vollrath and Patsy from Trophy Gardens

Santa decided that all the girls were naughty.  

The girls are so unhappy that they aren't 
getting nuttin for Christmas!

Time for the appetizer potluck!

Then it was time to name the winners of the Christmas Lighting Contest. 

Della and Marvin won the Silent Night, Holy Night Award

Dwain and Donna Steward won the award 
for the Charlie Browniest lighting display.

Linda and Ron Doerschug won the award 
for Making Spirits Bright (RV category)
We won this beautiful quilt for winning the 
Martha Stewart Would Be Proud Award

When the party ended, the hall was set up for church this evening.

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