Monday, August 4, 2014

Stuff Happens!

Well, although we had a really great day on Monday on our scenic drive, we had a shock when we arrived back at Interlake RV Park.  Lee took his shoes off and headed to the bedroom.  His socks got soaked as the valve on the toilet stuck slightly open and so water ran all day long into the toilet bowl and overflowed.  It was 10 hours of water flowing over the bowl.  What a mess!

We cleaned up the water in the bedroom area and were fortunate that the water didn't get the carpeted area wet.  The decorator rug in front of the sink soaked up the water and kept it from reaching the carpet.  The water though went down the furnace vents and into the storage compartment below.  After we finished cleaning up the water upstairs, Lee went outside and started emptying the storage area.  He handed me item by item and we put all of it in the living room.  Luckily, we keep most of the stuff we have in the storage area in plastic tubs and boxes so nothing in those was ruined.  

Lee took a towel and soaked up as much water as he could before we went to bed.  

This is how the living room looked when we went to bed!

The next day Lee borrowed a wet/dry vac and a dehumidifier from the campground owners.  He worked to get the water out and then plugged in the dehumidifier in the storage compartment.  Then we took a trip over to Kingston to get a part for the toilet.

We were really lucky with this mess because our fifth wheel has plywood floors and not particle board which would have been ruined.  Also, the insulation is under the floor of the storage compartment and the water did not get to it.  So, we don't have to worry about mold.  So, all in all, although it was a real mess and lots of work, it could have been much worse!

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