Saturday, August 9, 2014

Luau at Interlake RV Park

The owners of Interlake RV Park (Steve and Sue Dumais) hosted a Hawaiian Luau tonight.  They certainly did go all out on the food.   Sue has been cooking for two days and the office has been hard to live in with all the wonderful aromas wafting about.  

Shortly after we finished working at 6:00 PM, we went up to the pool area where the luau is being held.  We arrived in time for pina coladas and appetizers. 

Sue and her son Steve handing out appetizers

Steve handing out pina coladas

The pina coladas were really good.  I had to go back for seconds!

Charlie and his DJ equipment

Charlie Lewis provided the music for the event on his karaoke equipment and a lot of the seasonals were  dancing the night away.

The line for appetizers

I'm sitting with our other workamper, Jean

How about that hula skirt!

This is my appetizer plate and we have dinner yet to come!

Some of our seasonals getting ready to boogy to the music


The Cuban Shuffle

Lee and Jean in line for dinner

The owners of the park serving dinner - Sue and Steve

Lee, Jean and Charlie

Dinner is served

 This was followed later on in the evening with dinner:  Pork and a Chicken Breast, White Rice, and Sweet Potatoes with Cocoanut.

Boogy Shoes

Dessert is served

I couldn't finish half of the chicken and then came dessert, a cocoanut pie which I'll have to get the recipe for because I normally don't like cocoanut pie and this was really good.  So, I ate it and now I'm am suffering as I sit and write this for the blog.  I have been back on my diet for two days now and today totally blew the calories off the chart!  Oh well, I'll start again tomorrow.

The Mustang Sally music got Jean going!

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