Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Trailer Trash Party at Winter Ranch

I talked our Activity Directors into letting the Dance Group and the Karaoke Group host a Trailer Trash Party. It was a hoot. We had a lot of fun activities and everyone really seemed to get into the spirit of the thing. Even though we were sort of hosting the thing, we had a great time.

 Donna and Richard setting out their treats

 Lee and Donna had to see if they could dance!  I think Lee has a bigger belly than Donna!

 Mary, Nora and Lynn - aren't we cute!!
 Lee and Mary (us) at the Photo Opp Booth
 Al and Miriam
 Donna and Richard
 Sandy and Chuck
 Lee with Jo and Shirley
Donna and Dave with child 
 Lee and Mary H
 The Westbys and the Minors

 The Carmacks and the Sommers
 The Kings and the Anzivinos
 The Orndorffs and the Murrays
 Jack and Char
 Terri and Dave
 A Big Bunch of Trailer Trash

 Bob and Kathy comparing stomachs
 Boy, we have a lot of pregnant women for a 55+ resort!

We have a costume contest for Trailer Trash King and Queen and a new couple at the park, the Senklers, won the prize for that. They did look the part! 

The Senklers
The Prince of Trailer Trash was Jack Leach 


and the Princess was Darlene Peters. She took a new twist on the Trailer Trash look by dressing as White trash. She was all in white garbage. 


If I were to select the Princess I probably would have said that Mary Hazlett deserved the prize for trashiest. She was smoking some kind of brown cigar and the outfit was pretty trashy!!

 Mary and Mary

                                            Judging Mary

We had a Twinkie Eating Contest and that was soooo funny. Dianna Drake won the prize but boy did she cheat. It was hysterical. She was putting stuff down her pants, her bra, the back of her shirt and throwing remains back at the other contestants. What a hoot.

 Twinkie Contestants
 Donna trying to control the mayhem!

Dianna telling everyone she won - well, she did but boy, did she cheat!!!
                               Dianna with her Certificate

We also had some entertainment and if I had it to do over again, we'd bring the entertainment closer to the tables. I thought that was what we decided to do but somehow they ended up on stage and the audience couldn't hear them very well. We'll have to try those songs again one of these days.

 Carole and Mike
 Dale and Carolyn

The final activity of the day was the Beer Can Toss which was held out by the pool. People were inside cleaning up while we were outside doing the contest. 

 JoAnn getting reacy to toss one

The party was a fantastic success and we've heard they want to do it again next year. We think we should do some kind of theme party every year but change it around a little so we don't get complacent and attendance goes down! We'll see what we can work out with our Activity Directors.

The Appetizers: I think everyone captured the spirit of the thing. Some of these appetizers made me a little squeamish!!

 I made the above Twinkie Tower!

 Twinkies wrapped in bologna - I don't know!!
 Gummy Worms were a part of this treat!
 Kathy holding up a treat that has a worm in it!
 Lots of funky treats!

Donna and Richard, Al and Miriam and Mary and Lee