Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ol' D's Soda Shop

We headed out on one of the outings on the bus today to Ol'D's Soda Shop.  We've been there several times and it is always a good time.

Our bus driver, Jack, has a new roulette game.  You put a quarter in the pot and he has put a line on the body of the bus at the top of the wheel (12:00 position) and numbers around the wheel of the bus.  When he stops the bus and we get out, the person who picked that spot on the wheel, gets the pot.  Of course, we didn't win!

Maggie, Melva and Lee
Richard, Donna, Miriam and Al

They started the buffet line and the Winter Ranchers were right there!  Lee and I ordered off the menu so we missed the huge line.  It did go pretty fast though.

Lee with his hamburger.

Dave singing to some of our Winter Ranchers
He has a really small dance floor but it is well used!
Ginni and John 
Our Managers, Cathy and Larry.  We don't catch 
them dancing too often!
Our Office Staff are all out there having fun!
Dave on Stage
Al and Miriam
Al and Miriam
That's Us - Miriam took the picture!
Sue and Lynn
Richard and Donna
Miriam and Al
Donna and Jack
Lynn and JD
Nora and Charlie
Ginni and John
Y - M - C - A

Cathy and Larry
Back to the Bus After a Fun Evening!

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