Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve

We  decided we didn't want to work all day today. Yesterday Lee worked on the remodeling in the bedroom almost all day and I cleaned house, washed clothes and worked on a recipe book project. Facebook has rendered me trying out all kinds of new recipes so I had to add on to my book. I would just keep them online but since I've lost them a couple times, now they are also in books!

Anyway after breakfast we decided to head over to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve as we haven't ventured that way yet. The preserve was donated by Laurance but previously it was used as a retreat for his family for years. We didn't know quite what to expect but I packed my camera and some snacks in case we were starving before we left which is exactly what happened so I was glad I was prepared. Lee packed his bear spray and camera and we were off.

The LS Rockefeller Preserve is on the Moose Wilson Road. When we arrived the parking lot was full, but luckily someone was leaving so we pulled into their spot. They have a nice Visitor Center at the Preserve so we stopped in their first. Then we decided to hike the Lake Creek and Woodland Trail Loop which is about three miles long - a lot of it uphill!! It was pretty warm today so I was glad we had water with us. There were quite a few people on the trail today but a lot of them were young people that passed us like we were standing still! When you get about half way on this trail, you run into Phelps Lake which is the highlight of the hike. 

We would have liked to see this guy because he is supposed to be in this area but unfortunately he didn't show himself.  

Inside the Center

Waterfall at the beginning of the hike

The path


A Mom and her two girls playing in Phelps Lake

There was a woman with two little girls playing in the water at Phelps Lake. My feet were so dusty that I decided to join then to soak my feet and clean them up a bit. The youngest little girl told me that I was in their spot and that I should go somewhere else. I told her that it was a park and anyone is welcome. She just ignored that as she gathered rocks and placed them right beside me.  Soon she was chattering with me about her pretty rocks so we had something in common!

We have to buy a butterfly book one of these days so we can start identifying all the butterlies Lee has captured on his camera!

A huge bird's nest - can't figure out what keeps it up!

The trail was so dusty that I washed my feet in Phelps Lake and now as we are returning I used the waterfall to clean up.  I was a mess!  The water was cold but it still felt good!

The scenery was gorgeous, as usual, in this area. We took 201 pictures today so it is a challenge to pick out the best ones!

After we finished the hike, we sat by a nice scenic area overlooking a stream and ate our snacks which were mostly rabbit food but it did help fill the void. Then we headed over to Dornan's for pizza. We had our usual - The Rendezvous which is Canandian Bacon, Pineapple and Almonds. They have the best crust ever. We like both the regular and the thin so now we get the thin because it is less calories and it is really good. The sauce is good too so we have our favorite pizza place in this area. Too bad no one delivers to the campground!!

After the pizza we drove home and collapsed in our chairs! It was a great day though.

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