Monday, September 22, 2014

Catskills Waterfalls

Today we decided to check out some waterfalls and see how much the leaves have been changing.  It turns out that the leaves in this area are just getting started but it looks like it will be a good season for colors.

Our first stop was at Bastion Falls.  You can see the falls from the road but there isn't anywhere to park and get out and look at them. There is a parking lot a couple of blocks away and all kinds of people park there and walk along the side of the highway to see the falls.  In some places you can get behind the baracades and feel like you are safe but much of the time, you have to walk in a very narrow space  with large vehicles  zooming past.  It isn't safe but we hiked over anyway.  We've been here before earlier in the season when the water was flowing a lot better. 

Bastion Falls

The falls only had a meager amount of water going over them today.

From Bastion Falls, you can hike over to Kaaterskill Falls, however, we took a look at the hike and decided my knee wasn't up to this type of hike.  The hike was up a really steep and boulder strewn mountainside  and there really wasn't even a trail.  We decided to save the knee for another day.

After we walked back to the parking lot, we drove over to see Kaaterskill Clove which has a nice viewing area near the parking lot.

Kaaterskill falls

Some of the leaves are changing

Then we drove to the town of High Falls and found the falls with the same name.

High Falls

After we visited High Falls, we drove over to Minnewaska State Park to check out Awosting Falls.  We parked the truck and then took a hike.  It was a gorgeous day.

On this hike there was a lot of up and down hiking but the path was good.  The knee didn't act up at all so that was a good sign.

In the spring this area has water coming off the whole ledge.

This is Awosting Falls
The area below the falls.

There isn't much water coming over the falls ths time of year.

The falls drops into the pool below.

This place would be an awesome place to visit in the spring when the water is really flowing.  It was beautiful today but with a ton of water, it would be awesome.

I took this picture as we were heading back home.

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