Friday, November 15, 2013

Winter Texan Night at State Farm Arena

Our Winter Ranch bus driver, Jack Hulsey, picked those of us going on the bus to the hockey game at 6 PM.  The Killer Bees (the home ice hockey team) played the Amarillo Bulls.  

Some Killer Bees

Killer Bees vs Amarillo Bulls

Judith Simpson, Judy and Bob Babler

Dick and Karen Larson and Kathy and Scott Maynard

Dave and Teri Thurston

Top Row:  Bob Babler, John and Martha Anderson
 Bottom Row:  Mark Williams and Rich Ritchie

Top Row:  Larry Chapin, Al Priem and HB Hulsey

 Bottom Row:  Charlene Brouillt on the phone

The good news was that it was Winter Texan Night at the State Farm Arena in Hildalgo so all the seats for us senior Winter Texans were free.  The bad news is that the concession stand food was not.  Lee bought me a 20 oz water for $4 and our friend, Dave, bought a beer for $7.50!

Dave showing off his $7.50 Beer!

Sir Sting-A-Lot
The game started out with a bang.  Both teams were out there throwing each other around and banging into walls.  We didn't think anyone was ever going to score but then the worst happened and the Bulls scored two goals.  

Final Score
In the end the Bulls won 4 to 2.  They dominated the whole game!  We actually had a good time even though the outcome wasn't so great!

Heading Back To The Bus

Our bus has a new paint job.  Last year we called it "Big Blue".  Now it needs a new nickname!

Heading Back To The Ranch!