Saturday, November 9, 2013

Ol'D's Soda Shop

Our first bus trip this season with Winter Ranch was to Ol' D's Soda Shop in Harlingen, Texas.  We always have a terrific time when we go there. 

We've gone to Ol' D's before and it's always a good time. We left Winter Ranch at 5:30, got there and ordered our food around 6:30. It's a somewhat small place so their kitchen is usually overwhelmed when a bus group shows up so we had to wait a while for our food. We both had a burger and fries so it wasn't very diet but it sure tasted good! We also enjoyed a hand-made chocolate milkshake (as an appetizer) while we waited.

Dave, Lee and Steve

Everyone waiting for the entertainment to start

Jack and Donna

JoAnn and Patrick

Russ and Ray
Ray ordered a Double Decker Burger.  If you eat the whole thing, you get $1 off.  Ray cleaned his plate so well that the owner, Dave, told the waitress to give him another 10 cents off since they didn't have to wash the plate!

Double Decker
After we ate, the real fun began. Double Decker, the house band, began their first set. Double Decker is so called because it's the owner of Ol' D's (Dave Decker) and his mother Bev Decker. They're pretty good and perform a variety of music including lots of fifties rock and roll. We danced a little but Mary's knees have been bothering her lately so we couldn't get too crazy. 

Double Decker and Rob Carter

An Aspiring Musician

Steve and Judy

Tonight Ol' D's had a new act, a magician named Robert Angell.  He did some fun tricks and they had everyone on the bus talking about how he did them.  Lee figured one or two of them out but to me, it was just magic!

Steve and the Magician Robert Angell

But the highlight of the night was an appearance by Rob "Mustang Elvis" Carter. He's a pretty good singer and does the whole repertoire of Elvis songs including some of his gospel. The Elvis part of the show lasted about an hour and Rob really works the audience as he sings. He kept coming back to Teri who was sitting next to Mary. It was all in good fun and she had good time with it.

Rob "Mustang Elvis" Carter

An Upcoming Elvis!

Elvis singing to Judy Good

Elvis is singing to Teri now

Judy, Mary and Teri listening to Elvis

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Elvis paid a lot of attention to Teri Tonight!
The show was over about 9:30 and we got back on the bus and rode back to the ranch.