Friday, January 11, 2013

Quinta Mazatlan, McAllen, Texas

Back of Quinta Mazatlan

We spent the day with Al and Miriam today. I think this was Al and Miriam's first trip to Quinta Mazatlan but we like to visit at least once a year just to see what we can see. Also, they have been adding on and improving the place so it is always nice to see what is new. Some days we see lots of birds but today we were not so fortunate.

 It is sometimes fun to see if you can find the driveway into the place because there is a small sign on a busy road and we almost always miss it the first time.  

Friends, Miriam and Al,

Turtle sunning himself

Al thinks he might feed this deer!

Great Kiskadee

There are tons of these in the park although 
we didn't see any today.

Lots of new bronze sculptures adorn the property

Now he's showing off! - for more information about Quinta Mazatlan.

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