Saturday, January 12, 2013

Los Fresnos Elvis Festival

Lee and I couldn't interest anyone in going with us to see the Elvis Festival in Los Fresnos today but we decided to give it a go. We have passed Little Graceland many times on our way to South Padre but we never stopped.

Little Graceland is the home of Simon Vega and a museum that honors the life of Elvis Presley. Simon Vega was born in 1935. He became a personal friend of Elvis while they served together in the United States Army in Germany from 1958—1960. In 1993, Vega turned his house into a museum called "Little Graceland". "Little Graceland" is loosely patterned on Presley's mansion, Graceland, in Memphis, Tennessee.

Today the place was a beehive of activity since the Elvis Festival was taking place. I can't even remember how many Elvis impersonators performed today. We sat through three of them and listened to parts of others as we wandered around.

The first Elvis was pretty old but he could move and he sounded just like Elvis! 

The second Elvis was Asian and he had a really good voice but not sure it was too Elvis-like but he did have his moves down.

The third Elvis had much more charisma than the other two and he had some of the Elvis moves down. He had a fairly good voice but nothing like the real Elvis. He was, however, the most enjoyable to watch.  He just had more sex appeal, I guess. His mother is a realtor in the area and obviously has a lot of money. She talked her son into doing the Elvis thing at Los Fresnos a few years ago and they play it up big now.

For more information on Little Graceland go to:
or see:

 I managed to get my picture taken with him and his Elvis car.

This is his Elvis Car.  His Mom bought him a couple of cars. There is a bit of money there.

His Mother's Car

His Second Car
After sitting through three of the Elvis routines, we decided we had enough. We could have sat their all night!  It was fun though especially watching people older than we are taking scarves from the different people who did Elvis and holding their lighted phones up and waving them in the air when they performed.  It was a hoot!

We decided to stop at Dairy Queen in Los Fresnos on the way home and, wouldn't you know I left my purse hanging on the back of my chair. We didn't notice it until midnight when I went to get the phone to charge it. We were lucky because we called the next day and the lady had it and we just had to drive back to get it. I'm lucky Lee is so easy-going because this is about the third time that I've left my purse hanging on the back of my chair. I can't believe we keep getting it back without anything being stolen. There are obviously a lot more honest people in the world than you would think!

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