Monday, December 5, 2016

Waterford Gardens Christmas Lights

We took a bus trip to Waterford Gardens where they put on a real show of Christmas scenes with lots of lights. Waterford Gardens is an assisted living facility located in Mission Texas at 1522 East Griffin Parkway, between Stewart and Bryan roads. When we arrived we were treated to chili and cornbread.  That was followed by dessert cakes, cookies and peanut brittle. We were also treated to some egg nog and other beverages including hot chocolate.

 Flo and Me

Roy, Lois and Sue shared a table with us while we had our chili

When we arrived the lights were out in the garden, however, as we finished our desserts, the lights went on at 6:15 PM.  The above is the before picture and below is the after picture!

Roy and Lois

Me and Lee

It was a great trip!

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