Sunday, April 10, 2016

Bus Trip to Riverside Cafe and Cruise Down the Rio Grande River

Today there was room enough for us Activity Directors to get on the trip to the Riverside Dreamer and the huge tenderloins at Riverside.

We first had dinner before we got on the cruise.  The picture above shows the size of the tenderloins at Riverside.  They are the best you can find here in the Rio Grande Valley.

Ron and Mary Jane Jensen, Dick and Karen Larson and Patty Ellison

 Rita and Arnie Huether and John and Jeane Figge

Patti Franek and Cathy Chapin

Heading to the Boat

Judith, Cathy and Patti

Cherri and Milt Schnare (Milt drove our bus today for the first time)

Rita, Jennifer and Karen

 Heading to the Riverside Dreamer

Everyone is onboard!
 Larry and Cathy Chapin

 Patti is wearing Larry's hat to shade her eyes

 Larry giving Patti a hard time about her hat

 Dean and Patti

Scenery along the way

The nice places along the river are all on the Mexican side!

A park on the Mexico side of the river.  Lots of time you can see horses walking around here.

An RV Resort on our side of the river
This is on our side of the river.  

It was a great trip and we had a beautiful night for it.  

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